How to Obtain the Chase Routing Numbers?

Every time you decide to open a checking account with Chase, you will notice that there are two different numbers at the bottom of the check and one of these is actually the Chase routing numbers. The other number that you will see is the checking account number. Both numbers are very important in some transactions that require the issuance of checks. All of the checking accounts offered by Chase, whether for personal or commercial use, have the Chase routing numbers imprinted on the check.

What are they Used for?

The reason why you need the routing number is because you are not the only one who has a checking account with Chase. The routing number will serve as an identity of your checking account and such number is used by banks and financial institutions to identify which branch of Chase your account belongs to.

Each branch or bank outlet has their own unique routing number and some parts of the number is used in indentifying the bank as a whole, while the rest of the numbers on the Chase routing numbers are used in identifying the branch where you opened the account. This way, the processing of your checks will be faster.

What is the Easiest way to Obtain your Routing Number?

As mentioned, the Chase routing numbers are imprinted on your checks, thus, the easiest way to obtain the routing number is by simply looking at your checks. It is so easy to find the routing number as well as your account number. Just simply refer to those numbers imprinted across the bottom of your checks and the first sets of numbers are the routing numbers. The second set of numbers is the account number, while the third set of numbers is the check number.

What Happens If you cannot Figure out your Routing Number?

If you are still having troubles figuring out your Chase routing numbers by looking at your check, you better call the customer service line of Chase and any of the representatives will help you in identifying the routing number that you need. You can also choose to visit the official website of Chase, and refer to the tab that says “Products & Services”. Hover your mouse on this tab and click on “Checking”. You will then see a link that says “Check Routing Numbers”. When you click this, a graphical representation of the check will appear and will tell you which among these numbers will be the Chase routing numbers.

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