Chase Freedom Rewards – Do Not Miss Getting It

The Chase Freedom rewards program may be among the very best incentives that a bank would be offering its members. Just imagine no annual fees and great rewards are a combination that is hard to beat.

How will you benefit actually from the Chase Freedom rewards program?

The card itself is in the rotating bonus category. This means you would get a 1% reward to start with and a further 5% cash back reward on specific categories you shop in and these change quarter to quarter. It’s providing a respectable signup benefit, of $ 100 money back. And it’s easily available, as well: here you require to just put in $ 500 in the very first 3 months to obtain the bonus, while some other charge cards would require you to invest thirty times that prior to you obtaining your complete signup perk. Let me warn you though. Chase has a past of quickly pulling out their excellent bonus offers, so if you’re thinking about subscribing for the Chase Freedom Reward program, hurry up and join the bandwagon.

So this is what you get under the Chase Freedom rewards program

- Make your $100 Bonus Cash Back just as soon as you spend $500 towards purchases in the first 3 months of you joining

- A zero per cent intro APR facility for the first 15 months on your purchases and even balance transfers

- A 5% cash back on spends up to $1,500 at hotels (on hotel accommodation booked directly with them), airlines (on all tickets booked directly with the airline), spends at Best Buy® and Kohl’s® from the period 10/1/12 – 12/31/12

- You’ll also enjoy new 5% categories every quarter and these are at gas stations, restaurants and the like. It’s absolutely free and pretty easy to activate your new bonus offers each quarter!

- Unlimited 1% cash back on all the other spends

- No annual charges with rewards that will never expire

Along with what has been mentioned above, you also obtain wonderful perks as this is a Visa Signature card. You get access to concierge services, rental auto insurance coverage and even purchase protection.

So how do you actually estimate the value of this Chase Freedom rewards program?

We believe it’s comparable to cards that offer 2 % on bonus categories at all times and 1% at other places. Consider it like this: you gain 1 % on every bonus category shopping 75% of the year and also 5 % for one quarter, which works out to an average of 2 %. That’s presuming, certainly, that you do not reach the $ 1,500 / quarter benefit incentives cap coupled with the fact that your spending remains steady throughout the year. The Chase Freedom Rewards program is certainly worth every penny you invest in it.

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