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My Skills Tutor is a fantastic supplementary online learning portal that allows school, college and even working professionals to better their mathematical skills. Amongst all fields of education that My Skills Tutor is used for, it has to be said that most people use it to learn math, a rather difficult subject. Below, you will find more information on math. Math

Math fact fluency

Math fact fluency is a very creative learning module where elementary school students can learn and grasp mathematical concepts by using pictures, games and animations to understand math problems that are solved out on the screen.

When one uses the Skill Tutor online learning portal, this section can be very useful to help strengthen the basics that are required to do well in math, as one proceeds to middle and high school. Most of Math Fluency exercises will help elementary school students understand the concepts of multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Middle school math tutoring

My Skills Tutor also provides great exercises for students in middle school, wanting help with their math lessons. The most popularly taught middle school math concepts are; whole numbers, decimals, fractions, data graphs, word mathematical problems, number concepts and whole numbers. Students can also use the online lessons to learn about decimals, fractions and rounding.

High school math

High school math can be pretty tough and many students who use My Skills Tutor are high school students who are particularly looking for math lessons on the site. The mathematical concepts covered by My Skills Tutor, at the high school level are; proportions, percentages, algebra, advanced word problems, geometry, statistics, probability, decimals, fractions, percentages, along with problem solving exercises.

Common Core State Standards

All learning modules at My Skills Tutor will be in compliance with the Common Core State Standards, standards that allow students to take math exercises that will help them in school, as the school examinations and assignments will be very similar to the problems and exercises discussed at My Skills Tutor.

If you are interested in using math for bettering your math skills, giving yourself a better chance to do well in mathematics in school or to simply better understand mathematical concepts that can help you in the long run, you will definitely be making a wise choice if you do decide to sign up. Interested students or parents who want to enroll their children can dial 1-877-219-1537 to get more information about signing up. The site will help students or parents of students find a Skills Tutor representative who will be able to provide more information on how a student can benefit from the My Skills Tutor online math program.

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