SecuritE Card – Prepaid debit MasterCard is the website for the holders of the SecuritE Card. This card is mainly used by the employees of the Missouri Department of Social Services. This branch of the Missouri state government is focused on improving the quality of life of the citizens of the state. There are currently about 7,355 employees that are working for the Missouri Department of Social Services and are doing their best to provide assistance for the kids as well as the parents in the state of Missouri by means of various programs. login

All about the SecuritE Card

If you check out, you will find that the card is a type of prepaid debit MasterCard that are issued for the Family Support Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. The card is very useful and is definitely secure to use. By using this card, you will no longer have to go through all the inconveniences of having to deal with any lost or stolen checks and you can avoid all the expensive cashing service fees as well as postal service delays that you will need to deal with when using checks.

Furthermore, through the help of, the funds can be easily transferred electronically to the account of the card holder coming from the Family Support Payment Center of the Missouri Department of Social Services.

Accessing the Website

Holders of the SecuritE Card would need to log in with their account number and password before they can start using As soon as they are able to log in, they can to access their account securely. They can view the balance and deposits done on the card and check their purchases as well as withdrawals.

Before you start using the site, you will need to have the following ready:

1. Your SecuritE Card number and password.
2. Computer with Internet access.

Step By Step Instructions

• First of all, go to the homepage of the site, by typing in the URL

• After that, key-in the 16-digit card number that’s on the front portion of your card. Of course, you have to type in your password as well and then click on “Go” to start using the site.

• Next, access your card account based on the instructions given on the website and then start managing your account securely.

So that’s basically how to use You can refer to the site for more information or contact the Family Support Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services for more questions.

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